Private lesson/'seminar'/ on guitar, banjo music business and...
Posted 05/15/2016
While on the road with NGDB 50th I run across so many enthusiastic players and people asking music advice, music business, the history of the band, the Circle Album.. etc., that I would like to offer - between sound check and show (usually that would be between 4:00 and 7:00) a private get together for an hour.. and you record it, too.
New Album due soon!! It was Made in Brooklyn
Posted 05/03/2016
On Chesky records for late summer release, the best sounding record I have made since the Circle album!
Here is the basic information for now:

New Story - about NGDB and PBS Special
Posted 03/24/2016
Last week we had the honor of speaking with multi-instrumentalist, producer, nationally syndicated talk show host, and longtime Nitty Gritty Dirt Band member John McEuen.
Submitted by Dylan Muhlberg

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a founding member of the NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND



John McEuen – Made in Brooklyn - Brooklyn Bridges

John McEuen brings together the diverse talents of musical friends, all of whom have helped in their own right define Americana Music. McEuen gathered them in a ‘studio’ in Brooklyn for a Hi-Def recording on Chesky Records, recorded at 192/24 released in hi-def format (as well as ‘regular’ 44.1/16 CD and online).

Known as an award-winning producer as well as artist, John likes to ‘put people together and see what happens’. (in the same manner as in 1971 when McEuen initiated the landmark Will the Circle Be Unbroken…) McEuen plays guitar, mandolin, banjo, and fiddle backed by these stellar players.

For late summer release on Chesky Records, John’s album has special appearances by:

David Bromberg…  icon of acoustic guitar and slide, and finder of other magic notes. Friends since first meeting in 1970, as they say, ‘we go way back”.

Steve Martin   a life long friend (54 years and counting), Steve comes in as a ‘musician’ only, guest banjo player, on a Warren Zevon song with John.

David Amram, an American jazz/folk/classical treasure himself, at 85 he has recorded and performed with ‘eeryone’, and with McEuen for the past 10 years - pennywhistle, flute, percussion. Amram and hails “from the Beatnik era”.

John Cowan                First met in 1972 when Cowan was New Grass Revival’s lead singer, Cowan became McEuen’s favorite singer. “I have had this lost treasure of a song from the early ‘70’s waiting for the right singer… and Cowan killed it”

John Carter Cash        Johnny and June’s son. We have worked  several years together on shows honoring the Carter Family music, and here we pay homage to his father with a chilling version of I Still Miss Someone.

Martha Redbone  great songstress for whom John produced the highly praised album, the Songs of William Blake – Garden of Love. The 1800’s British poet’s words set to their music received accolades everywhere.

Andy Goessling hails from the jam band Railroad Earth, and has played with John numerous times. Andy covers clarinet, mandolin, zither, sax, dobro.

Matt Cartsonis  John’s musical pal and road partner for countless shows when he ventures out from NGDB. Matt’s acrobatic and acerbic vocals match his guitar and mandola talents.

Skip Ward      bassist, met when John was producing the Grammy winning album Steve Martin – The Crow, for which Skip was the bass man.

Jay Ungar        fiddle virtuoso Jay’s Ashokan’s Farewell put him ‘out there’ with the Ken Burn’s Civil War documentary. John and Jay have played together many times over the past 35 years, and now take advantage of that relationship on record.

Here is some of John's best  on the banjo!

Here's a great article about John McEuen by Lee Zimmerman  on ''The Bluegrass Situation'' - you're gonna love this!

From the hot pickin' old daze of the early '80's...
a banjo "BLAST FROM THE PAST ... "   with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band it on youtube!


Get the album -

The McEuen Sessions



Mesa Bluemoon Recordings
now released! 

            It was the best of times, it was… the best time! ...for (my sons) Jonathan and  Nathan, and myself, and for the music we have made together for years.  We knew we were ready.

This was strangely similar in many ways to the social conditions of the period when I put together the "Will the Circle be Unbroken" album with my brother Bill and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band back in 1971.

We made this music in the midst of what some are calling the worst of times.

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The McEuen Sessions: A multimedia tribute - take a look at the musical journey of a father and his sons.

John interviews Sid Bernstein, the man who first brought the Beatles to America!

See the video...

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