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Leaving Paris after 3 weeks in Europe - Posted 12/31/2014

Munich, Vienna,Salzburg - 3 days each... Baden-Baden one night,then after 10 days in Paris headed home, More projects, gigs, and things for a 'next year' than I ever have had I think. Some new music, a kid's book (illustrated) of the Mountain Whippoorwill, a planetarium show ..oh.. and NGDB! Back to work. See some of you in New York .. Mass., and Connecticut in January I hope..


busy travels - Posted 12/22/2014

wow.. From Munich to Vienna to Salzburg to Baden-Baden to Paris.. lots to see and do in this short week. Not much time to keep up and let all those interested know all is well. Looks like this year is going out great, and 2015 will be the most active yet..

Lots of good dates, and lots to get done. Have to do some work here in Paris, but it feels exciting to be writing a show while in Paris. Of course, some sights will be seen! 

the coming year as it looks from now .. - Posted 12/18/2014

Just finished Vienna.. Mozart house and  concert, Beethoven house, Christmas markets, etc.. now onward to Salzburg for a few days, then drive to Paris. Shows in Alberta coming up with John Carter Cash will be fun! and feature Les Thompson, from original NGDB. First show is on the 18th in Camrose, then 19th in St. Albert. Rehearsals are the day before, so it looks like I get to get to Calgary the day before that..  But, that is FAR AWAY from now and a lot to do before then. Just thinking about it now while on this vacation, because some of those travel details I had to deal with while in the streets of Vienna, talking to my travel agent. Strange world, this.. Her in Philly, me in Austria, booking a flight from a part of Canada to VEgas next year for people other than myself.. and it gets done! Now, off to Salzburg...

the coming year...looking to be exciting in many ways.. - Posted 12/04/2014

Colorado Music Hall of Fame induction Jan. 9! That will be cool... really.. Denver in the winter will help with that. But, it will be a hot night. then later in the month three great East Coast dates ;  Jamestown 1/21 (a makeup date), Shirley, Mass (1/23), and Old Saybrook, CT  (1/24). And it looks like the best way to meet up with Matt for the last two (Jamestown will be solo, radio show, live music, interview, etc.) will be to take the morning Depew Amtrak to NYC. Then it is the 'duo' for a couple of winter East days, then back to Florida.

Great start of a year, and it gets better. For details check my calendar on this site..

Love from Ground Zero .. one of my early film scores, tobe rereleased Dec. 16 - Posted 11/18/2014

'Love From Ground Zero' HD Remastered Director's Cut
DVD + Exclusive Digital Formats, Available December 16th, 2014


“Marvelous performances.” - Gannet News Services
“A thought provoking road movie.” - Canadian Globe & Mail
“An exceptional feature film.” - Movie Maker Magazine

From the award winning director of A Life Ascending, Ptarmigan Films / Scenic Overlook are very excited to announce the digital release of Love From Ground Zero on December 16th, 2014. For the first time ever, the newly HD Remastered Director’s Cut of Love From Ground Zero will be available on DVD and at exclusive digital retailers. A preorder of a signed DVD will be available next Tuesday, November 18th.

Originally released in 1998, Love From Ground Zero is a hidden gem of a film, featuring an award winning cast and crew that has been waiting to resurface.

Watch the official trailer.


Award winning cast:
Simon Baker (The Mentalist, The Guardian), Emmy Nominee
Pruitt Taylor-Vince (Murder One, The Mentalist), Emmy Award Winner
Jacqueline McKenzie (Deep Blue Sea, The 4400)
Kathryn Erbe (Law & Order: Criminal Intent, What About Bob?)
And, James Gammon (Major League, Cool Hand Luke)


Directed/Produced/Screenplay by Stephen Grynberg
Cinematography by Oscar Winner, Mauro Fiore – Avatar, Training Day
Score by Grammy Award Winner, John McEuen – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band­­

Follow for more updates:


Buffalo soon.. a journey back in time - Posted 11/05/2014

In many ways, the journey continues.. the new video, the old place.. well, the fixed up old place, as the Sportsmen's Tavern has had extensive remodeling and is looking great. The huge screen will be perfect for my new video. Getting in to town that day in the morning to be ready for this show.. and looking forward to seeing the crew there again. A very appreciative group there, always good to play for..

travels, shows, interviews - Posted 10/28/2014

been a difficult week or more with Canadian internet and long travel hours. Strange to look ahead and realize there are only a couple more interviews this year, but looking forward to them and telling people about upcoming plans,e tc. Since most of our shows in Canada (maybe all?) have been sold out, there have been fewer interviews. The school shows went great, and one more of those to do on Vancouver Island next week. My son Aaron will be with me a few days and leave after we have hung out on Vancouver Island, then we head to the states and the end of the NGDB year..

Have not ever played Tacoma! ( I don't think) and looking forward to that.. as well as the rest..

almost 1/2 way thru last NGDB trip - Posted 10/24/2014

 and looking forward to Edmunds, WA, Tacoma.. two places have not been I think.. Vancouver Island will be great as Aaron my son will be along a few days, and he flies home from Victoria, a city we will visit together. then a night off in Vancouver.. purty town it is, and on to Bend, etc. Have not been in Bend in a while. Got some good solo dates coming up, the last two being in Buffalo and close to it.. they are very nice there, and last time was excellent time..

mid- Canada all is well - Posted 10/20/2014

Things have been great for the NGDB, other than Jeff having a cold. So, I flew today to stay off the germ spreading bus for a day. Actually slept for 8 hours, first time in a week..

Looking forward to the two schools shows (in Penhold) and the folk society gathering on 10/31 in Duncan at 1:00 in the afternoon. That will help the day off go faster and better. Always tough on the road when there is a day off and one has to find something to do.. but sometimes.. things can be found that are productive.

Been editing video in between, and getting ready for two shows with John Carter Cash and a solo date back at the Sportsmens Tavern in Buffalo. They have a very cool screen and I have new things for it. Looks like I will go up there for a couple of NY state days and see what I can get done..

new whole tour! starting next week - Posted 10/10/2014

looks like a lot of dates in Canada.. see website for details. It iwll be great to do this Canadian run and then end the year in the states. Have not been in Tacoma in years..

That will be a lot of running back and forth, those last few ngdb dates, but in some territory we have not hit in a while.. and looks to be interesting. The end of the - hard to say it - 48th year for NGDB...


this past week! - Posted 10/09/2014

well, it has been two weeks actually to remember! o.k., why not all of them? yes, Arkansas was great in so many ways, and the Depot Days Festival was fun..

NYC was great, but the draw in Ocean City was a bit light. It was a great crowd, just not enough of them. I had fun on all three of these As John Cable and David Amram joined me for some.


New York New York.... and Paul Simon - Posted 09/19/2014

Paul Simon

One of my life’s big influences* and the nicest guy I never met.

So many memories… some I even remember! Well, with NYC it is all of them, as every trip to that city since fall of 1967 for the first gig at the Bitter End has always had something memorable. This current trip to a new club a few blocks from that NGDB Apple debut so long ago reminds me of yet another time on a 1998 solo date at the now shuttered Bottom Line.

Excited that the great John Sebastian was coming to sit in, and headed to sound check after a stop. In the afternoon rush after a mid-afternoon midtown interview, I made it early to the club for a waiting pre-show interviewer. Sebastian was already there; he had just left an all day session with Paul Simon.

All was going fine until the interviewer asked to see my 1927 Florentine banjo. It was then I realized that in my haste to not be late that I had left it in the cab’s trunk. The interview was over, and I began my search. (Interesting to note that EVERYONE from the apple said, “you’ll get it back”, and the others said ‘too bad. that one is gone”).

Checking the fare receipt for the cab number, the ensuing phone call connected me with the nice lady who also owned 2 other cabs; she said my driver would be told about it, and it would come back.

I waited.

In this flurry, John Sebastian had called Simon and told him of my predicament, and Paul sent one of his roadies out to find a banjo for me. Showtime was about 3 hours away, and it looked … bleak. Eating helped. Their food was as always great, and that filled in some time. Simon called Sebastian and said they found something, but right then the local police precinct called the club asking for me by name, and explained that a cabbie had dropped off a banjo… and since all the cassettes were mine, they looked up my name in the Village Voice and called the club. (The ‘cassettes’ reference dates this story!)

Sebastian heard that call, and after letting Paul know New York’s finest had saved the day he was going to save, he offered to get my banjo for me, as he knew right where that precinct was.

Sebastian came back, the audience showed up, we played … and all was well with the world, except that I was missing my kids and wish they had seen how New York can be. But, I had another story to tell them.

Now back in NYC at the Subculture Underground this Oct. 1, with banjo on knee, I am livin’ the dream again, this time with David Amram, John Cable, Jon Mark Fletcher, and a few others who will show up to jam.

*as a working teenager in Disneyland’s Magic Shop, the next door Wurlitzer store’s juke box would often play ‘Leavin’ on a Jet Plane’ by Peter, Paul, and Mary as well as Simon’s “sittin’ in a railroad station.. got a ticket for my destination..on a tour of one-night stands, suitcase and guitar in hand…” and it sounded like a great life to me. I started playing music at 17 ½, and wondered if it ever would be. Have not yet met Paul to thank him.

see you.. - Posted 09/09/2014

in september.. as the song goes, so do I! What an unusual month! This weekend for one, then 3 NGDB dates, then a solo date at a festival with Matt in Arkansas!..

looking forward to it all.

looking forward to some solo shows this month! - Posted 09/06/2014

getting away from the NGDB on 9/12, 9/13 and 9/27.... Lotsa fun it looks like. Matt Cartsonis and John Cable will join me,


Jammin Java.. Oct 2! - Posted 09/04/2014

Sorry I had to flee the Strathmore show with NGDB last Sat., but a bit of illness and an very early flight made it neccesary.

This will be a fun night and I look forward to meeting all who come. I want to also hear what you think about the interactive film I will be using that night - early NGDB thru the Russian trip. Original NGDB member Les Thompson will be joining me this night.

See you there! spread the word!



Getting close. Hope some of you make it to the Jammin Java show in DC (Vienna, VA) Oct 2... solo show there.. then off to San Francisco to do Hardly Strictly Bluegrass show .. that's a bit after NOON, (12:15 or so) so if you want to see us, get there early.

I am putting Matt Cartsonis and John Cable together with me Sept 12 in St. Pete, Fl... at the cool Hdewaway Cafe.

see you somewhere................

opps.. site did not work for a week.. sorry to miss a few comments - Posted 08/19/2014

but we are now headed to Long Island and a beautiful theater in Westhampton Beach. only 425 seats, so call early. that is for this Saturday.

America... - Posted 08/13/2014

The Indiana State Fair with America and NGDB! what a great billing. Think I will get a ticket myself! Have not seen those guys in a while.


"must be fun on the road! what's it like?" people often comment - Posted 08/04/2014

Here's four days from last week:

Last Thursday:

Leave home at 5:30 a.m. for two flights

Arrive Jackson, MS, 11:45, get picked up about 12:15

Ride 1 ½ hours to  Philadelphia, MS

Off from 2:00- 3:30.. get lunch

Go to sound check 4:00

play for 1 ½ hours (warm-up)

Play show at 8:00 for event’s 120th year –Neshoba County Fair

Back to hotel by 10:30 – leave on bus at midnight, talk to Stu (bus driver)

For a while… get in bunk round 1:30


Get up around 8:30 and start writing, busy work, etc.. make 70 mph toast

Arrive Enid, OK at 1:45 (14 hour bus trip)

Check in for shower and IHOP breakfast.. wait for room for 20 min.

Go to sound check at 4:00

Back to room to edit film until 6:15 .. go to venue

Play until 7:45 – show at 8:00

Back to hotel by 10:45, leave  about 12:30 for Loveland, Co


Arrive Loveland, CO, about 1:oo, (bus problem for an hour)

get to room and edit video for an hour

Sound check at 4:00, dinner 5:00, after dinner play until 7:45

Showtime from 8:10-10:00

Back at room at 11:15.. check email.. book solo show.. get to sleep by 1;00

Leave at 7:00 am for Casper, WY


Arrive Casper late, about 11:15..  check in..

 leave on hotel shuttle for airport at noon

Rent car, go eat brkfst 1:00. Great huevos rancheros!

Take Bob and Jeff to concert at 2:30

Play show at 4:50, until 6:20

Leave in rental car for Denver 6:30

Arrive Denver DIA at 11 pm, chck in for 12:45 a.m. flight to Atlanta/Sarasota

Wait for flight #2 in Atlanta for about 3 hours….

Arrive home airport about 11:00 a.m. 

Hmmm.. think I’ll take a drive somewhere….it’s a beautiful day, Marilyn picked me up, all is well in the land of the sunshine.

sometimes good advice comes from weird places! - Posted 07/18/2014

like this, from Al.. he gets some of those things I have always noticed .. and some I didn't. Maybe next time he'll get to 'these ones', one of my favorite least favorite things people say. When my kids would ask "dad, do you like these ones", I would say "I like twos better.. and sometimes threes". So.. check this out: when you have a minute 4 grammer thirst. If U C it U will laugh 2 I bet.

A fan letter I am proud of.. - Posted 07/14/2014

I hope this is not too tacky, to post a review from a fan on this page... but I am proud of his comments. This man has been a major sound and lights guy for many years, and chose to go to one of my solo shows. Thanks for coming, Gary!

(From a while ago in Dallas):


It is rare for me to see a show as good as yours was Sunday. Your entertaining moments were Gibraltar solid and filled with Everest highs. People attend events labeled “entertainment” and hope for a few moments that are pleasant and fun. Your show succeeded beyond my wildest dreams in fulfilling these goals.                


When Kelly called me Sunday to ask if I wanted to go see you perform, due to my seeing hundreds of shows over the last few years, I did not really want to go see another one. But, I went anyway and when you started to perform there was no other place I wanted to be than watching you play. You are a great musician and person and I hope to have the chance to see you again someday.

My wish for you is all the best now and forever.


Gary Carnes                   

jeff City .. great night - Posted 07/05/2014

in a classic American town. Last time I drove thru I had 4 boys with me, now all 20 years older, and it was mostly under water. We had perfect weather, and that photo the blog guy referenced was shot in 1974 in Marin County.

all is well with move to new place - Posted 06/22/2014

been busy 20 hours a day with a move to a new place in Florida. Looking forward to some 'time off' on the road! The shows in Alamosa should be a lot of fun, especially the solo show in Del Norte the day before NGDB..

mystery person - Posted 06/16/2014

she is Tippi Hedron, star of The Birds. Played a show at her animal compound.

Goodhue crowd! - Posted 06/15/2014

very patient! very wet! but they waited and gave our short rain soaked set a great response. Had to stop midway thru and start over, too. On way to Chicago shows, but looking forward to Colorado solo date a lot.. on the day before the train ride. Come on down!..

onda roadagain - Posted 05/31/2014

the Golden Nugget? What a great Vegas room, crew, and staff... and audience! Sold out standing room, and my grandaughter Audrey spent the evening in the light booth, much to her delight. She is a stage tech in high school, and got to watch real pros work. heading to Wendover tonight, then overnight to Denver...

Looking forward to the train ride in Alamosa with the band.. Hope they are ready for it! Lotsa new things coming up.

new things on the horizon - Posted 05/13/2014

seems like a lot of things that have taken a lot of time in the past few months are coming to fruition. It looks to be a great year with the John Carter Cash shows about the Carter Family, the 'Russian' film coming out, and some NGDB shows.. more later, but not tonite!

great month ahead - Posted 05/10/2014

lots of stuff going on.

a great night in St. Pete at the Hideway Cafe.. John Cable did a wonderful job.

heading for that train again in Alamosa late June.., this time with NGDB and a few days in that valley.. two days of mountain top concerts! a fun part is we are done and back to town by 5 or so..

looking forward to seein how many show up on the top of the pass..

Thanks, St. Louis! whatta great night last night! - Posted 04/26/2014

with hopes that the audience had as much fun as we did. They sure were loud! Looking forward to Phoenix. Also, looking forward to Coffee Gallery on Monday for a 'night off' with music and nice folks..

heading west for NGDB and - Posted 03/30/2014
other dates. looks like I will spend a few days in LA prior to the Santa Ynez date and grind out some XM shows... Then head home for a few daze prior to Nipomo. Lots of interesting shows coming by the end of the month.. and such a variety! Check out my web calendar for de tails.

now I wait for the next show!! - Posted 03/19/2014
seems like a long time, but have a cool trio show coming up april 16 in Santa Ynez. No time to even stop and shop, as it is a long trek from Florida to the Tales from the Tavern Series on that day. Will be back in that area May 7 with more time and looking forward to it.. a show at the golf course! check my site for info.

beat the snoow I think in PA! - Posted 03/17/2014
Looks like I got home ahead of snow to be hit by tons of rain. If anyone was at that show, send me a blog..! be good to know what you thought.. the night time show, which was a lot better than the first one.
Hope all is well for those of you who ventured out. . It was a memorable night on a new stage..

Clearwater - Posted 03/06/2014
what a great crowd in Clearwater tonight! all well and head to Quakertown next.. the 15th, with a workshop on the 14th. 

whatta weekend.. and special thanks - Posted 03/03/2014
to Andy Goessling, Matt Cartsonis, and of course the fine gentleman DAvid Amram. It was great in NYC and the whole staff of the Iridium commented to us on how 'this was their favorite show' in a long time. The audience stood up and didn't leave, so we didn't - and came back on to make them stop clapping. that worked so we played another 20 min.
Unfortunately, the next day, which I had anticipated greatly (well, this whole weekend) SOMETHING  happened that had me sick with food poisoning 4 hours before the show. Not able to walk due to extreme dizzyness, I ended up calling Ralph on the big white phone (you know.. figure it out) and saw everything I had eaten that day in a different form 3 hours before stage time. Laying down for a minute on the dressing room floor, an hour soon went by and it was showtime.
For the first time I sat the whole show, as I could not stand without wobbling like a teenager after their first six-pack. That show went 'fine' I am told, though I don't remember much of it. Thanks to the great help of Matt, (packing up, driving, etc.) back at the hotel I slept 11 hours, and woke up better able to walk. The room had quit moving finally, and we headed to the Beacon show.
Thank you R.J. in Beacon for your acupuncture that Matt suggested, I know it helped that night. I could walk and stand the whole (well, most of it) set... and the band was hot. The people sang, stood and clapped, applauded all the breaks AND with this great set of pickers I got to do Miner's Night Out, Acoustic Traveller, and a few other unusual songs that helped the personal excitement level.
It was a strange couple of days that showed how important good friends and road pros can be.. I couldn't even make phone calls I wanted to make is how unusual it was for me.
Headed home now for R... well, maybe R & R. And will catch up on a few kids that called. This is not me whining here about the travails of the trail, but me being grateful that while 'out there' I had such good people around that took care of some things I could not get to. Onward................

Oh.. there will be a workshop in Quakertown on Friday before the show at 6:30 ... check website for details.. soon

back from the tough road - Posted 02/20/2014
why tough? well, somehow one of my fingers - middle right hand - picked up an infection at the whole last joint.. started swelling, hurting, etc.. This put me in an ER in Denver at 3 a.m., and after the assigned stuff took effect two days later it subsided. The difficult part was forcing the pick on this swollen finger and making it hurt even more to do so... but! all for the sake of bluegrass!

The reason I write about this is not for sympathetic response, but to warn other pickers out there that, although I have never had this happen before, they might be careful cramming those picks down on top of cracked cuticles. That is how it seemed to happen, and my finger looked like ET looking for someone to fix.

All is well now, and headed to east coast soon.. then in the middle of March, the 15th,  to McCoole's in  QUAKERTOWN, PA.. a great venue .. greatly looking forward to that!

thanks, Steamboat! - Posted 02/15/2014
for a great night. The film footage was the best version yet! Had a lotta fun at the Chief Theater, so much so I couldn't get to sleep for a bit longer than usual..
Looking forward to the sold out Cedaredge.. David there tells me he added 20 or 30 more seats, so that is a good sign.. No time to even call my friends or family on this trip so far, but all is well.

good news - Posted 02/07/2014
Cedaredge, Co is sold out... but not The Little Bear in evergreen... 6:30 2/17.. come on down.. Tales of the Tavern show in Santa Ynez  4/16 is 'sold out' .. but there might be 4 tickets left) info on website.

heading to NGDB... - Posted 02/07/2014
Looks like Weirsdale Opry is sold out! don't know how Orlando is doing yet, but will find out when we get there... Get to see granddaughter Jessica for her birthday... and then head home to get ready for Colorado!

Pete Seeger.. - Posted 01/28/2014
Pete Seeger ....
the contributions he made to the world as a person will be felt for a long long time. We are all better for having Pete in our world. As a man, he made contributions that went beyond his music - as a musician it is hard to t
hink of one who shared constantly so much about how to make music and the joy of life that can surround it.. while also standing up for what he believed in with his support of so many meaningful causes.
I had his red book, as did many I know... it was and is a road map to how to make music with the banjo that gave me my first directions to a new life. The door he opened for me led to Earl, Dillard, Keith, and the rest. His life that he shared with everyone enriched mine to this day. The world was a better place when he was 'in it', and it will be a better place for that same reason. Thank you, Pete, for the inspiration of music and how to be.
This photo was at a 'Why Hunger' event in New York (hosted by Tom Chapin), with great banjo player Eric Weissberg and my self, both feeling fortunate to spend an evening with Pete. I got to play with Pete that night, and will forever be grateful for that, and that I spent time with him the few times I did.
We will all miss Pete..

whatta great couple of audiences! - Posted 01/22/2014
Portland at the Alberta Rose Theatre and Florence each had their special moments. Great audiences and great people to visit. The new video went over great, and I got to see my aunt Erma - 95 yrs old, she is! Glad to be home safe and sound after a long trip, and getting ready for the next one.
End of month of Feb., March 1, 2  are shows with David Amram, Matt Cartsonis, and great picker Andy Goessling on the east coast.. check calendar for info.
looking forward to seeing you down the road!

great time off and looking forward to new year - Posted 12/17/2013
spending a dozen days where internet is spotty is a good thing! but still things that need to get done, even with time off. Just finished setting up the first dates of the year, and now can start in Portland on the 17th at a very cool place, the Alberta Theatre. Hoping anyone looking forward to seeing me at the Folk Festival in Florence might even come a few days earlier than that to the Portland show.. or help me spread the word. Check out details on the site

wow.. thanks Garth Brooks .. glad to hear about an impression I made! - Posted 12/02/2013

Denver with Alpin Hong is going to be great.. Nov 23 swallow Hill - Posted 11/10/2013
you should catch this last show of the year.. :

John McEuen and Alpin Hong

the string wizard and the piano master meet



What an incredible surprise it was to me when the great pianist Alpin Hong called to ask if I would like to perform with him. We got together and let our two different worlds of music communicate, and found that if we just shut up (quit talking and laughing) and played music, more show ideas would come out than words had time to express!


Whether it would be one of the many songs from the landmark Will the Circle Be Unbroken (we do several, and this is the album’s 40th anniversary), or my gypsy like guitar piece, or roaring bluegrass banjo, we meet and combine the influences from both worlds. Alpin is the perfect “side man” for anything I throw at him, as his skill is so good nothing eludes him. I become his acoustic instrument sideman, to show what it might have been like in the heart of America of yesteryear when piano was accompanied by whatever instruments might be around in a 1910 parlor. In our case, it is my banjo, fiddle, mandolin, and guitar.


Alpin’s backing on my guitar and mandolin pieces is so supportive that we sound like a complete band. One particular aspect about working with him is that he is a performer who enjoys talking to the audience, and after making them laugh will astound them with beautiful playing. We feel the same in that regard:  no matter how well we might play, entertainment is what people come for. 


For example, I’ll tell the audience “I feel sorry for Alpin not having the typical orchestra tonight with all their bowing instruments” and start a song bowing my guitar. He ‘complains’ about wanting to be a ‘picker’, and is tired of hammering away on the piano. So he takes a guitar pick out while I am bowing. He proceeds to reach in the piano and play the melody by plucking the right strings with his pick, while I bow chords under that. When then transition to his hands on the keys, and I pick guitar right, we continue the song, and at the end it brings the house down.


His mastery of classical piano music has won him many accolades and recognition, and takes his solo part of the show through some of the most difficult and beautiful music written. My solo part of the show covers America’s music from about 1850 to present, including some of my original film score work.


Together, we interact with favorite Nitty Gritty Dirt Band songs; Alpin’s improvisational solo on Mr. Bojangles (and my story behind song) leads to other classic NGDB songs and music that everyone then sings along with. Our show is the kind everyone the next day tells their friends “You should’ve been there!”


whatta wek again - Posted 10/21/2013
show with David Amram.. Matt Cartsonis and J. Robert played too, then Matt and I went to Lake Worth for a date at the great Bamboo Room. Drove back that night. Took till 3 a.m., and finally slept in. spent the day today with Amram at the house, which is like having 3 guests, and all of them nice! I am fortunate to know him and we work so well together we will find some other dates to do. Got one March 1 in new jersey!

NGDB trip coming up.. last of the year - Posted 10/21/2013
and looks to be a good one.. all things are set, and hoping to get everything done on this trip that is possible.. and play the last date of the year!

Nashville - Bye Chet Flippo... - Posted 10/15/2013
a very nice Memorial for a great guy... got to play with Rosanne Cash and Dierks Bently.. and NGDB did a couple songs. He wrote the Rolling Stone article about the Circle album at a time when 'that kind of thing' was not popular. The Nashville Tennessean paper, in 1971, had a headline: what the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band is doing recording with a bunch of old dinosaurs we don't understand"..... they didn't... Chet did.

Chet Flippo Memorial - Posted 10/12/2013
Heading to Nashville on sunday for memorial on Monday. Sorry to see Chet go. A man who was a friend even though I did not know him... as he wrote about you like one. I have proudly used one of his quotes for many years in my press kit. Sorry to see him go, and will for sure miss one more old school guy who graduated from his final class.
We needed him while he was here...

tonight in the DC area.. a perfect place! 9/19/13 - Posted 09/19/2013

Will the Circle Be Unbroken

and a tribute to

The Carter Family


John McEuen, John Carter Cash &  family friends


This unique show celebrates the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s landmark ‘Circle’ album (instigated by McEuen in 1971), and how Carter Family music became a classic American Music form. The audience will discover how Mother Maybelle Carter, Earl Scruggs, Roy Acuff, Doc Watson, Vassar Clements, Merle Travis, Jimmy Martin... and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (NGDB) came together for the historic sessions.


John McEuen opens the evening with the NGDB’s story: a bunch of young 1960’s ‘west-coast longhair hippies’ with songs from their early years performed live, accompany what is on screen. Through many historic photos, music on stage, and film, the audience finds out what happened in this iconic band’s rocky past. McEuen’s enthusiastic storytelling and music, coinciding with what is on the screen, all lead up to the story of that incredible week in August, 1971.


This multimedia concert takes all down the path of these two driving forces in American Music – the NGDB and the music of The Carter Family. NGDB co-founder John hosts, and he brings on John Carter Cash (with special guests).


John Carter (son of Johnny Cash and June Carter) takes the helm to relate the Carter Family story with music, narrative, and historic photographs from his personal archives. On stage, with music from the early Carter Family days by the ensemble, John Carter relates what it was like growing up with ‘Grandma Maybelle Carter’, and how A.P. Carter influenced his and his father’s life’s path.

This leads to how NGDB joined the icons of Country Music for a magic Nashville week in August of 1971 to create the classic multi-platinum album - Will the Circle Be Unbroken.


The full cast then performs songs from the Circle album against the larger-than-life photo-montage backdrop from the sessions. The audience is transported to that magic time with the performers for an exciting, unforgettable experience.


With bluegrass, country, gospel, and the roots of America’s acoustic music, songs live from all the Circle albums’ artists (Wildwood Flower, Keep on the Sunnyside, I Am a Pilgrim, Cannonball Rag, Wreck on the Highway, Earl’s Breakdown, etc.), the evening ends with audience all joining in for the Carter classic


Will the Circle Be Unbroken.

ALASKA!! what a great trip.. - Posted 08/27/2013
the week up in the land of the north was exceptional. Funny, everytime one of us called someone - or got a call - from 'down there', they would always respond yelling loud on the phone, as if we were so far away they had to yell. "YOU'RE IN ALASKA?! CAN YOU HEAR ME? CAN YOU HEAR ME O.K.? I'D BETTER HANG UP BECAUSE THIS MUST COST A LOT! WHAT TIME IS IT THERE, ANYWAY? " and so forth.
Not sure I met up with Ray, as there were so many things to do.. waterfalls, fish, glaciers to see, reindeer to pet.. etc.

If anybody is looking for a new and unusual place to go and you have not been there.. go! It truly is the last American frontier, and they know it. And go see Mary Lou at Diamond Joe's (between Anchorage and Portage Glacier). She has worked that little store since she was 19.. and now is 80 yrs old.

Aug 30.. Colorado Springs..with historic video/film footage - Posted 08/18/2013

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