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Hey, Leo - Posted 04/17/2016

and all others who are looking for shows.. please check out web calendar! I was in Evergreen area last week, but then I am glad you did not come and get stuck in that storm!  I hope all those who did come from any distance got home safe. It was a GREAT week, and Ibby was hot as was the audience. Maybe this year the NGDB will add extra songs to the set !

looking forward to Colorado this year - Posted 03/27/2016

many opportunities and things to do. It seems like things are doing well for getting some cool shows, and I have to take advantage of that as I prepare for the upcoming NYC album. And at the same time try to fit in some down time, but that wont be for a bit it looks like unless it is on the road.

back to the train this summer! - Posted 03/25/2016

It is a great train ride if you have never done it. Up the mountain 2 hours, hang out at the summit for concert, back on the train for a bit under two hours (downhill is faster). Only difficulty is having to get from Beaver Creek the night before the first train show in time to be there for the 9 a.m. departure! Then the 2nd night I will also do a solo show in Del Norte; that info is on my calendar. That would be after the train ride/show,

Colorado - a great week ahead in April - Posted 03/13/2016

Monday I get there late to be ready to go to U of Denver for music school lecture on Tuesday, then weds. Idaho Springs solo, Thrus. with Ibby in Loveland , Friday with Ibby in Boulder. Lots to do!

onda road again - Posted 03/09/2016

well.. heading to NGDB show and had to go a day early. Seems like there are interviews to do in Indianapolis for the PS special, as it is getting great response. Ahhhh.. the old 'night off', but in a hotel room far away. Oh well, time to catch up on some things without having to feed the cats or get the mail.

heating up~ colorado lookin good - Posted 03/07/2016

but still wokring on dates.. looks light I might play my old hometown of Idaho Sptings on 4/13! not confirmed yet.. and might have another lecture at U od Denver on the 12th for the great Chris Daniels music classes... still waiting, but what great opporunities are opening up this spring.. And Ibby and I will be in Longmont and Boulder .. info on my site.

going to colorado for shows with Ibby! - Posted 02/27/2016

still working out the details, as days are not confirmed completly, but stay tuned! Been really busy with some new things..

Working with Jm Ibbotson.. and again in April! - Posted 02/18/2016

Looks like Ibby and I will do a couple shows in April in Colorado.. Here are my ruminations about the trip last November.. I greatly look forward to it.

from Nov. 2015:

The much-anticipated Colorado duo shows Jim Ibbotson and John McEuen have come and gone. They lived up to my expectations and surpassed what I had hoped for.


Like riding a mountain bike, Jim mounted up and took everyone away with his music and candor, as if he had been perfecting his performance since our last duo show 10 years ago. Two hours after first downbeat, we left the stage with the audience wanting more. After giving out a few more encore notes and words.. well, we sang, they sang, they clapped more -  we left great memories behind, as well as rekindling some old ones.

Ibby is one of the most talented people I have ever performed with, and it was great to regenerate some of that magic that people have told us we do. After extensive rehearsal of about 6 minutes, in Cedaredge we took the stage to a sold out audience. It felt as if very little time had passed since the last time.

The beautiful drive over The Mesa led to Rifle’s Ute Theater the next night, also sold out in advance. It was even better. I am not sure Jim understands the impact his voice and delivery of a lyric has had on people, but it sure does. Many of his words have become part of people’s lives. The word ‘fan’? Well, maybe a better word could be found. Something broader than that, for it is from both sides of the stage that, as Ibby says “cathin’ fire from the fans in the front row” that shows we are also their fans.

We were told people traveled from about 6 different states to see these shows, and I would like to thank all those who did come. It was even exciting to find out that we turned away about 300 people between the two shows… so maybe there’s more to do!

I had two approving sons (my oldest Aaron, and youngest Nathan) show up, too, to see the guy who sang the music they grew up with. Their approval of what we did was great to hear.

Sometimes it is hard to ‘put it all together’, life. Aaron is now a planetarium show producer and designing genius (shows in 14 countries – check out, and Nathan is a road musician (he had 3 shows in Colorado himself that week, and has a new album out this week), and I am still on the road dragging my banjo (guitar, mandolin, fiddle) around the country to find where some of the seeds I have planted over the years might have grown.

They grew well this past weekend – we were told that between the two shows we turned away about 300 people. Have to catch us next time!  

Thank you David Starr (Starr’s Guitars in Cedaredge) and Donald Cheney (Ute Event Center in Rifle). See you all down the road.

(check out when you have a chance. I have a fun interview there with Malcolm McDowell and others)


Glenn is gone.. seems like just a year ago - Posted 01/19/2016

I first heard Take it Easy on the radio..

To all the Eagle's family I send my regrets about the passing of Glenn. I remember first seeing him at the Troubadour in 1967 or '68 (they do blend together). Most of us all were under 23 years old, and EVERYONE was trying to figure out what to do. Longbranch Pennywhistle (Glenn and J.D. Souther) seemed to know already. When they played, sometimes to a 1/2 empty room those there knew: this should 'go national'. It did a few years later when Glenn and Henley (and Bernie and Randy) melded together all those Springfield, Poco, and other influences they brought to the mix to make 1971 their year.
I remember when they were 'working it out' up in Aspen, the 2nd or third time the Dirt Band played up there. . . and it seems after that is when it all got under way for them.
A few months later Jeff came over to my Idaho Springs house all excited about a new record he had heard on the radio. I had a 4-track tape deck, mics, and minimal gear. Jeff wanted to record a version of Take it Easy. It was burning up the airwaves, and the killer vocals were .... killer. We tried. I hope I erased that tape.

We all know Glenn's music now. I have heard it sung by hundreds in Italian piazzas and crowds at the Spanish steps, groups singing with buskers, in Irish pubs with fiddlers, Florida with crabshack bar bands- those words that he (and J.D. and Don) put together back when they were ... as the press likes say ... nascent.
We are all glad you did what you did, Glenn. Thanks for taking so many people in to your songs.

it's starting! - Posted 01/14/2016

The meetings for the Whippoorwill illustrated book could not have gone better! And now, as I got back home, I find out the first road 'work' (or performance) date of the year - The Coffee Gallery - is actually on Monday night! Bob made a mistake when he put the date down.. but I will be there Sunday anyway, and told him "ok...Monday it is"

Matt and Craig, etc.

flying to see Noel in Atlanta - Posted 01/12/2016

for a meeting to work on the illustrated book of the Mountain Whippoorwill! she has set up a bunch of great people to make it happen. First road day of the year..

working with Nick - Posted 01/07/2016

my engineer at the home studio.. what a great guy and a lot getting done.. feels like one day is 4 days worth of stuff. He moves a little quicker than I do.

Looking forward to all in Calif. end of the month with the hopes the rain will stop while I am there!

Happy New Year... and I have heard that Twain said; - Posted 01/01/2016

"Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile."

I also heard he said: 'politicians and diapers... you change them for the same reason'.

Paris... so sorry for what has happened - Posted 11/14/2015

After 3 weeks there last December I feel like they have killed my neighbors. France has been such a friend to the USA, and the French are great hosts from all that i have experienced in 49 years of going there. The people who are doing this should be vaporized.

catching up enroute - Posted 11/05/2015

Looks like tomorrow will be good catch up day in the air on the way to Ft. McMurray.. LOOOOONG day.. looking forward to zzzzz asap after that day.. all is well other than it will be 50 degress colder there.

  • Click here for details

  • all is well - Posted 11/01/2015

    just a note. all is well. plans for many things are coming together.

    Ft. McMurray, Alberta - Posted 10/30/2015

    a perfect time to get away and do a road trip. One show, lots of rest time.. Looking forward to it. A long travel day to get there, but I will sleep all night about as far north as one can go! and get up and do a show..

    NGDB final date soon! - Posted 10/29/2015

    Heading to Ft. McMurray for the last show of the year.. whew! this one show will take 3 days to get done. Show after that is with Ibby in Cedaredge and Rifle.. Those will be fun I am sure. Looks like they will sell out.  Holding back a few tickets for contest winners the promoter tells me, and all is going well.

    land of the midnight sun... almost - Posted 10/18/2015

    It will be strange in the almost midnight sun of Ft McMurray, for it is the last NGDB show of the year.. We fly in and go to sleep, wait for the show the next day, go to sleep, leave next day..

    Probably won't see each other much more than time onstage, as it will take about 70 hours to get there and back.

    all will be fine when we head home, and I have a few dates of my own..

    Leaving the Islands soon - Posted 10/17/2015

    Last 'stateside' show of NGDB is today, then heading home. We do have one Canada date WAY UP NORTH in Ft. McMurray Nov. 7.. Whew! whatta trek from Florida. Have to go the day before show and get home late the day after. Three days for one show! but, it is Canada and those people will be happy to see us.

    heading out on NGDB road again - one night in suffolk - Posted 10/10/2015

    time to catch up on notes coming up. Slowed down a bit after Nashville as far as the road goes, but many things working that should make next year quite......... unusual.

    Colorado with Jim Ibbotson - Posted 09/29/2015

    working on it as I write. Looks like Ibby is excited to play in Colorado, and we are going to have a great time. Not sure of all the 'plans' yet, but might even have another show. Tough time to travel, but still looking forward to it.

    on the road with IBBY again! - Posted 09/24/2015

    check calendar for a couple of colorado dates..   Nov 21/22

    more later

    RED CLAY THEATER IN DULUTH!! - Posted 09/20/2015

    Well... since the Great Southeast Music Hall I have not seen such a great room in Atlanta! perfect stage, lights, dressing rooms, sound.. and the staff. All came together for a wonderful night with John Carter Cash and the rest of the cast. Thanks, Eddie Owen for such a great night for us and that incredible audience.

    Not over yet.. but tomorrow night it will be, darn. - Posted 09/13/2015

    What a fun time rehearsing with Sam Bush, Prine, Jerry Douglas, jerry jeff, Vince Gill, Ibby.. to get ready for Monday, tomorrow. It will get done and be good. All those we have joining us? Well, they sure have made their mark, and I guess we have too a bit. So fortuanate they want to participate with this show !!!]

    heading out on NGDB road again - Posted 08/27/2015

    hope to get some things done in the air! well, at 30,000 feet on the computer that is. Looking forward to getting to the date in Des Moines as it will be naptime! Maybe.

    classic Skirvin hotel is where the Banjo Museum event wil be - Posted 08/26/2015

    Looking forward to seeing a lot of hot pickers and people who love the old banjo. Not sure about time details, but I will be there in plenty of time for this fun two days of music and talk..

    Banjo Museum show, Oklahoma City! - Posted 08/17/2015

    Sept 10/11 I will be in OKC for a special presentation at the American Banjo Museum -  about Steve Martin.. I will be playing both days, and demonstrating several different stypes of 5-string - frailing, strange tunings (about 6 different ones), classical, bluegrass, three and two finger styles, and some things that I can't describe very well.. I will leave that to the listener.. Hope to see you there..

    on the road.... again.. dallas, etc - Posted 08/11/2015

    chance to catchup on things.. or put catchup on things.. or just things. The road.. lotsa emails on the plane are in store tomorrow, as the planetariums are coming in that want to show the Simple Gifts of Christmas!

    as the ngdb heads to BNAshville for our 50th deal, it is looking good for many things..


    whew.. a tough run - Posted 07/26/2015

    one of the most difficult in years, this past 5 days. The audiences made us feel like the preceeding travel each day did not happen, but when the show was over and we got back on the bus for either 9,15, or 11 hours.. we were remineded of this strangeness of this life. Seems like ALL the effort of the day is only for two hours... then waiting for it again. Glad I have a new guitar and some new tunings to work in, as I have 'killed' most of the time playing 5-6 hours a day. Some of the rest is spent with a computer that is acting up when it is working, and then very little internet. The bus net did not work in Canada, and many of the inbetween places it was very slow or not at all. so, back to the guitar, then the bunk, then 'are we there yet' questions.

    But soon there is a couple of days OFF.. meaning only 5 hour trip to check in at a place on the way, where I will be able to take this to a MAC store.

    couple days off, then back to Canada and 11, 9, and 12 hour runs. Without our fantastic crew guys this band would never get on stage.. Thank you Billy, Kyle, and Bruce. A great team.

    road trouble!! - Posted 07/23/2015

    `DArn'!! my cursor is going crazy !! can't make my computer do things right. I move it somewhere and it jumps across the screen. Mouse works better, not stil not right.. hope to get it fixed with day off in Missoula on Monday..

    looong day - Posted 07/22/2015

    12 hours to get to Fargo... well named, that town, as from anywhere it is far to go. Aaron is in the Utah desert shooting the night sky for the Simple Gifts show.. wow.. does it look amazing! We have about 30 planetariums around the country going to show it so far... so call your local planetarium and tell them you want them to show it! Info on front page.


    heading out - Posted 07/21/2015

    for a long trip, but it will end with going to Montreal for a week off... This coming ngdb week will be a tough one, and I might have to go to Wichita for a day to work on planetarium show. A lot of plans made and changed this past week due to unforeseen circumstances, but that is the way life is. All of a sudden we go to Hobbs NMexico Aug. 8! Grandkids that were going to visit had to change plans. Shows that were going to be easy to get to are difficult. But, the clock keeps ticking and I head out one more time. one more time. one more time.

    Looks like I will be at Butch's place Aug. 30 instead of a 20 hour bus ride to Pocatello.That will be like a day off!

    banjo? - Posted 07/07/2015

    sorry.. I did not buy that banjo back then.. good luck finding it!


    Florida Folk Festival!! fun time... - Posted 05/24/2015

    was a great time and the folks seemed to like us! Now a few days off, then editing a few days, followed by onda road with NGDB ... and lots of good shows and things ahead -

    Good Day LA on June 3!. Coffee Gallery June 2., NGDB The Canyon Club June 4.

    Florida - Posted 05/24/2015

    St. Louis Area - May 9 - Belleville, Ill. - Posted 05/03/2015

    Sounds like a great place: the Abbey. 618.277.8373....... Will have film and instruments with me..


    John McEuen Highlights his Long Career by Bob Cherry - Cybergrass

    Saturday evening, John McEuen allowed the audience to participate in a new multi-media experiment, An Evening with John McEuen: A Career Retrospective that spans the career of this versatile songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actor. The solo project, which included artist Matt Cartsonis, was supplemented by a large screen visual experience of historic stills and videos covering everything from the Dirt Band's beginnings to the Circle Album and more.

    John's music is a history of itself comprised of almost a half century of evolution that encompasses the globe from being a founding member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band to participating and producing music of almost all artists of his time. The solo performance has John performing banjo, guitar, mandolin and keyboard as he transports the audience through 46 years of music in a close and intimate session.

    An Evening with John McEuen: A Career Retrospective was as entertaining as it was a great remembrance of the music many of us grew up with. Songs of Maybelle Carter, Bob Dylan, Earl Scruggs and more spanned folk, Appalachian, bluegrass and more as John lead the audience through the multi-media experience of his latest project. The visual impact of the large screen images supplemented by McEuen describing how events unfolded is a new dimension of McEuen's innovative ways to approach the music in new and exciting domains. The audience seemed to agree as their applause supported every step through the journey.

    The program spent time on the Dirt Band being the first American band to tour the Soviet Union in the mid '70s, the band's participation in the motion picture Paint Your Wagon and the outstanding Will the Circle Be Unbroken collaboration. More importantly, the multi-media experience offers a true and personal behind the scenes reflection on how these came to be and the long term impact the music has had through his entertaining career. It is John at his finest doing what he loves and you can be a part of it too. One word covers this show: Outstanding. The audience seemed to agree.

    To Russia with love: John McEuen recalls a rock 'n' roll life

    The Alberta Rose Theatre audience expected an evening of acoustic folk on Friday night. Instead, they got an opening audio montage of sixty '60s rock riffs. "This is what I was coming up against," John McEuen said as he took the stage. As a kid in Orange County in the '60s, he was a traditionalist: a bluegrass banjo player. A founding member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band playing '30s "jug band" music during a time when Bob Dylan went electric and the Beatles launched the British Invasion. The band made four albums, starred in Lee Marvin/Clint Eastwood movie "Paint Your Wagon" and called it quits. But things turned around.

    McEuen, his banjo and guitar in hand, was an avuncular presence as he spent the evening recalling a life in music, playing songs ranging from the Civil War era to a 1995 soundtrack piece he did for Tommy Lee Jones. Between the songs, he showcased photos and videos from the Dirt Band's early days and their pivotal moment, the recording of "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" -- a record that teamed the group with a who's who of country and bluegrass icons, including banjo master Earl Scruggs, Merle Travis, Doc Watson and "Mother" Maybelle Carter.

    After an intermission, McEuen returned with photos and footages of the Dirt Band's 1977 trip to the USSR. The band was the first American act allowed into the communist country, a diplomatic feat that stunned the locals. Tickets, McEuen said, cost over a month's salary - concert-goers split tickets into time-shares. In Leningrad, the band’s four encores got the crowd so heated, it would be seven years another American group was allowed in.

    McEuen won a Grammy in 2010 for producing Steve Martin's "The Crow: New Songs for the Five-String Banjo," and he remains an in-demand musician all these years later. ….by the time he picked up his fiddle, he was practically giving off sparks. With the audience, catching the chorus of songs such as "Keep on the Sunny Side" and singing WITH Kenny Loggins' “House at Pooh Corner" (McEuen played a demo made in his 1969 Laurel Canyon apartment with Loggins, and everyone sang along with Kenny),..  the show felt like a memorable night in his living room.

    -- David Greenwald

    wow.. whatta weekend! - Posted 04/19/2015

    John Carter Cash, Les Thompson, Dave Daeger, Laura McGhee (hey, Laaauuuurrrra.. quit going over so well!), and of course the dynamic Matt Cartsonis .. thanks. The shows killed! and thanks to Steve Edwards and Kevin Hale at Fox's Good Day LA, the Montecito journal, Santa Barbara New-Press, Santa Barbara Independent, the Longview paper and radio.. all of you contributed to making it a great turnout for an unusual show. Can't wait to make some new edits.

    Now onward to NGDB 4 shows and then the film festival in Vermont for Free To Rock premiere.

    shows and things - Posted 04/10/2015

    It is a fun start to a year. Lots of nice interviews and comments from them! Rolling HIlls Radio show with Ken Hardley, Ashland, and others. And lots of interviews coming up that I look forward to. And the show last night was cool, as John CAble sat in and did a great job. I did two t.v. shows, 3 radio shows, and Cable did one on WSLR. His song went over great!

    Looks like first NGDB dates right around the corner.. well, the corner behind.. and now two with John Carter Cash.. then! On to Wisconsin, and the beautiful Grand Theatre. Only one interview there, but I look forward to it. Then on to Harris for a couple of days, then Bloomington.. then to the film festival in Vermont. Had a GREAT time in Vermont last year and look forward to seeing it again. Interviews there about the Free To Rock film..  I feel like chatty cathy.

    ONDA road again.. with NGDB to Rockport, Mass - Posted 03/24/2015

    Looks like going in a day early is a good idea with all the weather they have been getting. Look forward to catching up on some road work, and seeing if these first shows of the year .. well... seeing if we can make some new fans, do some old music, and liven up the set a bit.


    Leaving Paris after 3 weeks in Europe - Posted 12/31/2014

    Munich, Vienna,Salzburg - 3 days each... Baden-Baden one night,then after 10 days in Paris headed home, More projects, gigs, and things for a 'next year' than I ever have had I think. Some new music, a kid's book (illustrated) of the Mountain Whippoorwill, a planetarium show ..oh.. and NGDB! Back to work. See some of you in New York .. Mass., and Connecticut in January I hope..


    busy travels - Posted 12/22/2014

    wow.. From Munich to Vienna to Salzburg to Baden-Baden to Paris.. lots to see and do in this short week. Not much time to keep up and let all those interested know all is well. Looks like this year is going out great, and 2015 will be the most active yet..

    Lots of good dates, and lots to get done. Have to do some work here in Paris, but it feels exciting to be writing a show while in Paris. Of course, some sights will be seen! 

    the coming year as it looks from now .. - Posted 12/18/2014

    Just finished Vienna.. Mozart house and  concert, Beethoven house, Christmas markets, etc.. now onward to Salzburg for a few days, then drive to Paris. Shows in Alberta coming up with John Carter Cash will be fun! and feature Les Thompson, from original NGDB. First show is on the 18th in Camrose, then 19th in St. Albert. Rehearsals are the day before, so it looks like I get to get to Calgary the day before that..  But, that is FAR AWAY from now and a lot to do before then. Just thinking about it now while on this vacation, because some of those travel details I had to deal with while in the streets of Vienna, talking to my travel agent. Strange world, this.. Her in Philly, me in Austria, booking a flight from a part of Canada to VEgas next year for people other than myself.. and it gets done! Now, off to Salzburg...

    the coming year...looking to be exciting in many ways.. - Posted 12/04/2014

    Colorado Music Hall of Fame induction Jan. 9! That will be cool... really.. Denver in the winter will help with that. But, it will be a hot night. then later in the month three great East Coast dates ;  Jamestown 1/21 (a makeup date), Shirley, Mass (1/23), and Old Saybrook, CT  (1/24). And it looks like the best way to meet up with Matt for the last two (Jamestown will be solo, radio show, live music, interview, etc.) will be to take the morning Depew Amtrak to NYC. Then it is the 'duo' for a couple of winter East days, then back to Florida.

    Great start of a year, and it gets better. For details check my calendar on this site..

    Love from Ground Zero .. one of my early film scores, tobe rereleased Dec. 16 - Posted 11/18/2014

    'Love From Ground Zero' HD Remastered Director's Cut
    DVD + Exclusive Digital Formats, Available December 16th, 2014


    “Marvelous performances.” - Gannet News Services
    “A thought provoking road movie.” - Canadian Globe & Mail
    “An exceptional feature film.” - Movie Maker Magazine

    From the award winning director of A Life Ascending, Ptarmigan Films / Scenic Overlook are very excited to announce the digital release of Love From Ground Zero on December 16th, 2014. For the first time ever, the newly HD Remastered Director’s Cut of Love From Ground Zero will be available on DVD and at exclusive digital retailers. A preorder of a signed DVD will be available next Tuesday, November 18th.

    Originally released in 1998, Love From Ground Zero is a hidden gem of a film, featuring an award winning cast and crew that has been waiting to resurface.

    Watch the official trailer.


    Award winning cast:
    Simon Baker (The Mentalist, The Guardian), Emmy Nominee
    Pruitt Taylor-Vince (Murder One, The Mentalist), Emmy Award Winner
    Jacqueline McKenzie (Deep Blue Sea, The 4400)
    Kathryn Erbe (Law & Order: Criminal Intent, What About Bob?)
    And, James Gammon (Major League, Cool Hand Luke)


    Directed/Produced/Screenplay by Stephen Grynberg
    Cinematography by Oscar Winner, Mauro Fiore – Avatar, Training Day
    Score by Grammy Award Winner, John McEuen – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band­­

    Follow for more updates:


    Buffalo soon.. a journey back in time - Posted 11/05/2014

    In many ways, the journey continues.. the new video, the old place.. well, the fixed up old place, as the Sportsmen's Tavern has had extensive remodeling and is looking great. The huge screen will be perfect for my new video. Getting in to town that day in the morning to be ready for this show.. and looking forward to seeing the crew there again. A very appreciative group there, always good to play for..

    travels, shows, interviews - Posted 10/28/2014

    been a difficult week or more with Canadian internet and long travel hours. Strange to look ahead and realize there are only a couple more interviews this year, but looking forward to them and telling people about upcoming plans,e tc. Since most of our shows in Canada (maybe all?) have been sold out, there have been fewer interviews. The school shows went great, and one more of those to do on Vancouver Island next week. My son Aaron will be with me a few days and leave after we have hung out on Vancouver Island, then we head to the states and the end of the NGDB year..

    Have not ever played Tacoma! ( I don't think) and looking forward to that.. as well as the rest..

    almost 1/2 way thru last NGDB trip - Posted 10/24/2014

     and looking forward to Edmunds, WA, Tacoma.. two places have not been I think.. Vancouver Island will be great as Aaron my son will be along a few days, and he flies home from Victoria, a city we will visit together. then a night off in Vancouver.. purty town it is, and on to Bend, etc. Have not been in Bend in a while. Got some good solo dates coming up, the last two being in Buffalo and close to it.. they are very nice there, and last time was excellent time..

    mid- Canada all is well - Posted 10/20/2014

    Things have been great for the NGDB, other than Jeff having a cold. So, I flew today to stay off the germ spreading bus for a day. Actually slept for 8 hours, first time in a week..

    Looking forward to the two schools shows (in Penhold) and the folk society gathering on 10/31 in Duncan at 1:00 in the afternoon. That will help the day off go faster and better. Always tough on the road when there is a day off and one has to find something to do.. but sometimes.. things can be found that are productive.

    Been editing video in between, and getting ready for two shows with John Carter Cash and a solo date back at the Sportsmens Tavern in Buffalo. They have a very cool screen and I have new things for it. Looks like I will go up there for a couple of NY state days and see what I can get done..

    new whole tour! starting next week - Posted 10/10/2014

    looks like a lot of dates in Canada.. see website for details. It iwll be great to do this Canadian run and then end the year in the states. Have not been in Tacoma in years..

    That will be a lot of running back and forth, those last few ngdb dates, but in some territory we have not hit in a while.. and looks to be interesting. The end of the - hard to say it - 48th year for NGDB...


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